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I produced RANK from 2004-2005 for IFC, who continues to air it until this day. My frequent collaborator John Hyams directed, and I think the film came out quite well. We filmed all over Texas, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Arkansas, Ohio, and a few other random states. We drove all over the country with four guys in a mini-van -- it was a great experience all the way around.

Sometimes you'll shoot a scene where everything just clicks, and it makes you think, "wow, we really might have something special here". This was definitely one of those scenes. Justin's grandma is probably the most memorable character in the whole film, even though she's on screen for less than 5 minutes.

In the old days bull fighters (as they're called now) had to save the riders from the bulls, as well as entertain the crowd. Now, the two jobs have split -- there is one rodeo clown responsible for keeping the crowd engaged during downtime, and three bull fighters, who save the lives of young cowboys on a nightly basis. This is definitely one of my favorite sequences in the film.